Peace and Development Organization (PDO) Sindh, is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political and Non-Governmental Rights based Organization (NGO) comprises of progressive attitude specialists who have affluent experience in communal development in Karachi and whole Sindh.

PDO was established in February, 1997 and registered under the VOLUNTARY SOCIAL WELFARE AGENCIES (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961(XL VI of 1961) in Karachi, Pakistan bearing registration No. DGSW(S) 2261 on 19th day of March, 2012 with an aim for the empowerment of communities (especially women), based on the code of  admiration, devoid of all kinds of discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, gender and any other communal or political identities.

PDO had been aiming for the protection and promotion of Human Rights (particularly emphasizing on the vulnerable groups like women, children & minorities, labor and youth. We are striving for the eradication of poverty amongst the marginalized class of the society by providing them food, education, health and other related commodities.

All this is not an easy task, but with the commitment and active support of our members we have achieved a tremendous success in establishing strong linkages with the local communities at the grass-root level, creating awareness about their rights and empowering them politically and economically.

PDO is promoting a unique holistic approach, combining Human Rights Advocacy with physical development initiative. By adopting this approach, PDO has achieved tremendous results, particularly in the most remote areas of the Karachi.

Keeping in view our performance during the last years, we hope that the donors from the National and International Donor Agencies will encourage and support our organization, enabling us to keep serving the oppressed class of the society and educating them about their Human Rights and in continuously promoting solutions for creation of a better, more liberal and a free society in Pakistan.