Peace and Development Organization (Sindh), is an autonomous movement for national and religious harmony, supports and serve the people of marginalized and oppressed class in the quest of options to biased communal, political and financial structures.

We strongly supports involvement of community & liability in close association with relevant public / private sector to make sure the admittance to quality education, health services and sustainable livelihood.

Peace and Development Organization intends to bring about an enduring positive change for communities with greatest need through, The power of quality Health, Education, Enabling moral, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment and creating opportunities to improve quality of life.

Our aim is to educate the people of Pakistan about the causes of poverty of exploited class and mobilizes actions for change.

Striving for human pride, Peace and Development Organization mobilizes the community and provide them awareness to become the tool for Peace in the society.

We strongly believe in supporting the women in their search for social and economic justice.

Peace and Development, not being a very enormous organization doing its best in bringing the change in the society by providing advocacy and literacy campaigns in the remote and slum areas of Sindh, which have always been neglected by the caretakers of the country.