1. Providing tools for self-sufficiency and sustainability in distressed communities nationally.
  1. Seek to motivate, train, and assist people to improve the quality of life through entrepreneurship and sustainability developing its self-help and youth empowerment programs.
  1. To provide Civic and Legal Education to all the citizens based on Human Rights, Women Rights, Children Rights, Youth Rights, Minorities Rights, Prisoners’ Rights, Labor Rights, Juvenile Rights, Consumers Rights and Refugees Rights.
  1. To promotes Democracy and Democratic Values for the development of all the peoples, groups, communities, classes, societies, for better future, citizenship, civic empowerment and development.
  1. To work for the Awareness, Protection, Education, Mobilization and Empowerment of the youth and labors.
  1. Minorities and women for their development matters and issues, Also work for involvement of the youth, labors, Minorities and women in decision making and participation in social life.
  1. To work for the jail reforms, prisoners development, prisoners rehabilitation, prisoners’ rights and also work for their development.
  1. To work for the promotion of peace, equality, tolerance, justice based society, equal Involvement and participation of citizens in decision making.
  1. To establish Collaboration, Coalition, affiliation  and support with Organizations working for promotion and protection of Human Right, Social Justice, Human Equality and eradication of  different types of Discriminatory Behaviors In the Society.
  1. To publish literature, reports, booklet, brochure, pamphlet and research papers for raising the awareness and education for the development of legal education, diffusion of useful knowledge, civic education and citizenship.
  1. To Establish Coalition, Collaboration and Partnership with other NGOs, INGOs, Youth Groups, Communities, Media and General Public for achievement of goals and aims and objectives.